5 Amazing Twitter Accounts You NEED To Follow!

5 Amazing Twitter Accounts You NEED To Follow!

Twitter is by far and away my favourite social network. It’s where I get the majority of my news, discover new blogs, chat to online friends, and just generally while away a few hours.

Over my years on Twitter, I’ve curated a pretty damn fabulous timeline. I’m a firm believer in cultivating a positive social media experience for yourself, so with that in mind here are 5 ah-may-zing people you NEED to follow on Twitter. (Apart from myself. Obviously. Although if you’ve not already followed me you should probably fix that now. Just saying…)

1. Ruby Tandoh (@rubytandoh)

Famous for winning The Great British Bake Off in 2013, Ruby is a bisexual, food-loving, woman of colour who kicks arse every single day.

Whether she’s talking about food, calling bullshit on the ‘wellness’ and ‘clean eating’ movements, or filling your timeline with glorious pictures of Harry Styles, Ruby’s no-nonsense Twitter feed is force for good in this world – especially if you struggle with disordered eating and eating disorders.

2. Tara (@catstello)

Not only does Tara run one of my favourite blogs, Cattitude & Co, but she also tweets some of the best things around.

Busting taboos one tweet at a time, Tara’s timeline is filled with fabulous feminism, period positivity, and downright bloody awesomeness. As a freelancer social media manager, it’s no surprise that her Twitter game is on point.

3. Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Teen Vogue has become woke as fuck recently. Following the recent election of Donald Trump, Teen Vogue has been doing better than pretty much all of the traditional news media.

Combining pop culture, fashion, and politics, Teen Vogue is exactly the kind of account you need to follow if you want to be educated about the current state of the world, AND know which celebrities wore what to the latest party. Both which are, let’s face it, essential.

4. Copywriters’ Network (@procopywriters)

Bit of a ‘boring’ one perhaps, but if you’re a copywriter, or aspiring writer in general, the Copywriters’ Network is an AMAZING resource.

Although you have to pay to become a member of the Copywriters’ Network, their Twitter feed is free and full of some brilliant copywriting advice. From how to write for the web, to advice for going freelance, the Copywriters’ Network’s Twitter account is a must-follow for any budding writers or freelancers.

5. Clue (@clue)

Although I don’t use Clue (or any app) to track my period and symptoms, I do follow them on Twitter. And boy am I glad I do.

Their feed is full of amazing articles about periods, facts about menstruation, and RTs of users who love their app. Basically, it’s the perfect account for anyone who likes reading about periods, and wants to see an example of a company Twitter account done right.

Those are just 5 of my favourite Twitter accounts that I think you should check out. Let me know in the comments who your must-follow accounts are!

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