This body of mine

This body of mine

This body of mine has known hunger. It’s known shrieking hunger pangs and shrinking waste lines. Light heads and lighter stomachs; skipped meals and hidden food. This body of mine have starved.

This body of mine has known greed. It’s known meals so large they’d make your eyes pop. It’s known eating and eating and eating until it’s fit to burst. It’s known the joy of impromptu ice creams and snack-filled evenings in front of the telly. This body of mine is full.

This body of mine has known hatred. It’s known the pain of a blade, a slap, a word. It’s known loathing and shame; 4am crying over touching thighs and midday melting, covered up in the sun.

This body of mine has known love. It’s known laughing until sides split, the warmth of an embrace after a long and tiring day. It’s known tenderness and desire and passion and peace. This body of mine is loved.

This body of mine has known fragility. It’s known tiredness so strong that nausea overwhelms. It’s known tears that flow at the drop of a hat, watery smiles and broken hearts.

This body of mine has known strength. It’s known climbing out of bed on even the darkest days. It’s known dancing until feet bleed; the satisfied exhaustion of hours of practice.This body of mine is disciplined.

This body of mine has known the feeling of clean sheets and sun-kissed skin. Of hot showers and cold downpours. It’s known soft sand and soft grass. Burning breathlessness and contented calm. It’s seen build ups and breakups and heartbreaks and hearts full of love. It’s known punishment and protection and everything in between.

This body of mine has served me well.

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  1. June 1, 2017 / 12:48

    Such a beautiful post. It’s so important to acknowledge everything your body has been through, and everything that it has served you through.
    Freya x

    • Liv Woodward
      June 1, 2017 / 15:34

      Thank you so much! xx

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