Should bloggers be political?

Should bloggers be political?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is falling apart. The President of the United States is literally following in the footsteps of Hitler as we speak. People are being deported and detained. Rights are being systematically stripped. I mean, Trump bloody fired the acting ATTORNEY GENERAL cos she told him he was breaking the constitution.

And yet some bloggers would rather talk about lipstick.

I get it. People need to escape. The world is terrifying right now, and sometimes you gotta switch your brain off. That’s fine. That’s necessary even. Escapism is important and valuable and definitely needed.

But do you know what’s not fine?

Having thousands upon thousands of followers hanging on your every word and refusing to speak up at all.

See, as bloggers – no matter how big or small – we’re privileged. We have audiences who listen to what we have to say. Some of us have so much power that multi-million pound companies want to pay us real-life money to sell their shit. Hell, they don’t call us influencers for nothing.

But with that audience comes responsibility. The responsibility to, y’know, be an actual decent human being.

If you can see hundreds of tweets on your timeline about the abhorrent things Donald Trump is doing and think ‘Nah, not today’, you’re a piece of shit.

If you can see images of black and brown people being detained in airports for no reason other than their ethnicity, and choose not to RT them cos they don’t fit your ‘brand’, you’re a piece of shit.

If you’re actively choosing to stay silent about the current political climate because you’re scared you might lose followers, you’re a piece of shit.

I’m not saying you have to write a blog post detailing every terrible thing Donald Trump has done since he came to power. I’m not saying you even have to tweet your own opinions. What I’m saying is you have a responsibility to use your platform for good. Retweet petitions. Share links to donation pages. Regram pictures from protests.

Cos if you don’t, you’re a piece of shit and you don’t deserve your platform.

Because guess what? Some things in life are more important than lipstick. Human rights are more important than your brand. And if you can’t see that – guess what? You’re a piece of shit.

So please, next time you log into Twitter, take a moment to retweet the voices of people who are doing vital work to save the world from another war. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking you to do. It will literally take you 2 seconds.

You have a platform. It’s time you damn well use it.



  1. February 4, 2017 / 10:40

    I have noticed lots of people saying this over the last few days and I am at such a crossroads. I am not educated enough to understand the full ins and outs of America (or even British) politics, so I don’t say anything for fear of giving out the wrong information. What I have been doing is RTing things that put into words what I cannot say, but I 100% believe in.

    Kirsty Leanne

    • Liv Woodward
      February 7, 2017 / 10:09

      I think there’s a difference between not saying things because you don’t want to misinform people, and no saying things because you think it’ll be bad for your image/brand. That’s why RTs are so important! Most of the time, I just RT stuff because other people are so much more informed and eloquent than me. But there are so many people with massive audiences that aren’t even doing that, and it’s SO frustrating!

  2. March 14, 2017 / 10:25

    Coincidentally, I published a similar post a week after this. I’ve always been considered ‘political’, and it was almost bemusing to me that in the run up to the last general election, old school friends I saw on a night out were asking me what I thought and how I was going to vote.

    I never intended for my blog to be political, but I think that at this point in time – certainly people who have ‘political’ opinions, at least – can no longer sit on the sidelines. I quoted in my piece something Ernest Hemingway wrote whilst in Spain during the civil war, and it puts this position across better than I could ever have hoped to.

    ‘…I am on the wrong side [of the Spanish Civil War] and should be destroyed along with all the other Reds. After which Hitler and Mussolini can come in and take the minerals they need to make a European war. … when I was [last in Spain] I promised them [Hemingway’s comrades] I would be back and while we cannot keep all our promises I do not see how not to keep that one. I would not be able to teach my boys much if I did. … this last spell of war completely eliminated all fear of death or anything else. It seemed as though the world were in such a bad way and certain things were so necessary to do that to think about any personal future was simply very egotistic.’

    Ernest Hemingway, 2nd August 1937, in Carlos Baker (ed.) Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters 1917-1961 (New York et al.: Scribner Classics, 2003), pp. 459-61

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