Our Dystopian Future

Our Dystopian Future

Imagine a world where your Twitter feed is censored by the government. Where what is and isn’t considered ‘news’ is dictated by the Prime Minister and their cabinet. Where the powers that be get to decide what webpages Google is allowed to show you.

Imagine a world where people are forced to work until they literally drop down dead. Where physical and mental disabilities and illnesses are disregarded, and people who care barely walk are marched down to the jobcentre without so much as a ‘Get Well Soon!’ card.

Imagine a world where your access to healthcare is dictated by how much money you earn. Where a broken arm costs more than your rent. Where you have to choose between a life-saving surgery and food for the next 3 years.

Imagine a world where your home – the one thing you own that is worth any money – is stolen from under you because you’re old and no longer useful to the government. Imagine a world where you have to watch your life get auctioned off to the highest bidder, so you can afford some dignity in your old age.

Imagine a world where school children go hungry because their parents are too poor to buy them lunch.

Imagine a world where 11-year-olds are lined up and forced to recite their times tables on commands, as if an impeccable memory is more important than a creative mind and a kind heart.

Imagine a world where your ability to vote in an election is determined by whether or not you can afford official ID. Where the Prime Minister can disrupt the entire government by calling an election at any given moment.

We are just 2 weeks away from potentially living in this dystopian nightmare. On June 8th people will flock to the polling stations to vote in the General Election – and unless we do something, more of them will vote for this nightmare than not.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Register to vote today; vote the Tories out on June 8th.


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  1. tom
    May 27, 2017 / 15:10

    Leaving to one side your glaring misunderstanding of Tory party policy, the alternative would be a country led by Jeremy Corbyn and his gang of loons:

    A country where the city workers and wealth funds have moved abroad to avoid taxation, moving not just themselves but all the jobs that they’ve created either directly or as a result of their spending, leaving millions unemployed and a huge black hole in the country’s finances. A world where unlimited amounts of money are thrown at every problem with huge government borrowing. As a result, costs of government borrowing rise. To keep the party going they decide to have the bank of England fund their borrowing directly rather than asking private investors. As a result of money printing inflation rises. Prices in the shops rise, as a result poverty increases. To bring people out of poverty the benefits rise, billions more is now needed to finance this. Now nobody wants to lend money to the government, foreign investment dries up, companies are taxed even more to fill the black hole of funding, companies go bust, imports dry up, essentials can no longer be bought, a stack of notes is now needed to buy a loaf of bread if you can find one on the empty shelves. Eventually Corbyn will have his violent revolution as people take to the streets in anger, only they’ll want to overthrow him.

    If you think this sounds far fetched tell me one socialist country where this hasn’t happened !!!

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