January Goals Roundup

January Goals Roundup

You may remember that at the very start of January, I set myself three goals for the month. These were in addition to my main life and blog goals for 2017. Cos apparently I really like setting goals…

In the name of accountability, I thought I’d let you know how I got on with my January goals, so you can praise or shame me as appropriate.

Pack my lunch for work every day

Check! Well, sort of.

I packed my lunch for work every day for the first week. But then it was one of my colleague’s leaving lunch, and then I developed a Friday routine of going for paninis and wine with some of the people in my department.

So all in all, I packed my lunch for work 18 out of 22 days – which I still think is pretty good going! It’s certainly significantly better than I was doing previously, and it’s certainly something I want to try and keep up.

Besides, I’m still relatively new at my job, it’s practically written into my contract that I must bond with my co-workers over paninis and wine.

Comment on my blogs

This was probably the most fun of the three goals I set myself for January. I wanted to get more involved in the blogging community, and I thought commenting on more blogs would be a good way to do that. Plus, everyone loves getting comments!

My goal was to comment on at least one a blog a day. Whilst I missed maybe 2 days, every other day I managed to comment on at least 2 blogs, if not more. So I’m definitely counting this as win.

Forcing myself to comment on blogs every single day has not only forced me to seek out new content and get to know other bloggers, but it’s also significantly increased the number of comments I receive on my own blog!

Drink at least 1 litre of water a day

Again, I technically failed at this. I’m really good at drinking water when I’m at work (I average about 1.5 litres on work days), but I’m rubbish at remembering to stay hydrated when I’m at home.

So whilst I have significantly upped my water intake this month, I’ve still got work to do.

Bonus goals!

I also set myself 2 mini, unofficial goals this month. I really do have a problem with goal setting!

The first was to hit 650 followers on Twitter (I was on about 598 at the start of the month) and I well and truly smashed this one. In fact, I’ve well and truly smashed my 2017 Twitter goal!! Somehow this month, I managed to reach 1,000 followers on Twitter, which I think is quite an achievement. Looks like I’m gonna need a new 2017 goal!

My other unofficial goal was to get 1,000 blog views this month. Again, I properly smashed this one, and have achieved nearly 3,000 views this month. This is the most views I’ve ever received in a month (and yes, I’m aware it’s pittance to most bloggers), so I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read one of my posts this month! Your views have not gone unnoticed!

I know blogging isn’t all about the numbers, but let’s face it: validation is nice. As I mentioned earlier in the month, I’m trying to grow my blog into an actual money-making career thing, so it’s nice to know that my content is starting to resonate with people!

Let me know in the comments how your January was! Did you reach any of your goals? Keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post all about my February goals!

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