Impeaching Trump is only half the battle

Impeaching Trump is only half the battle

We’re one month into the Trump administration and the world is looking scarier than ever. Transgender children are losing rights. Immigrants are being banned. Healthcare is being rescinded even further.

America, to put it bluntly, is on fire. And no one’s quite sure how to put the blaze out.

Impeaching Trump is the obvious answer. Hell, it’s the answer I’ve been clamouring for since the man was elected in November. I’ve signed petitions, supported my pals in America in their #NotMyPresident marches. Donated to organisations that are trying to sue Trump. You name it, I’ve done it.

But impeaching Trump probably isn’t the answer.

At least, it’s not the whole answer.

See, one of two things will happen if Trump is impeached.

  1. His supporters will get angry. Violently angry. They’ll refuse to accept the decision – and they’ll take to the streets with guns and fire

  2. His supporters will lose confidence, and retreat back into the woodwork

Either way, Trump supporters will still believe in Trump. Or, more importantly, they’ll still believe in Trump’s ideology. Maybe they’ll do it loudly, maybe they’ll do it quietly. Regardless, they’ll still be there.

Trump is particularly unpleasant, it’s true. But he’s just a figurehead for something more insidious. White supremacy, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, and sexism aren’t unique to Trump, and they won’t disappear just because he leaves the White House with his tail between his legs.

Yes, removing Trump from the office will be a good thing. The man has absolutely no idea how government works. He’s inept and racist – a dangerous combination that should make everyone uneasy.

But Trump is not the life source of white supremacy.

Beyonce not getting her Grammy is the life source of white supremacy. Make up companies not stocking foundation in shades darker than ‘tan’ is white supremacy. Muslims getting disproportionately searched at airport security is white supremacy. Black children being murdered in the streets is white supremacy.

White supremacy runs deep. It’s ingrained into every white person – yes, even me and you reading this – from birth. It stands proud in TV shows without PoC; in award shows without BAME winners; in classrooms that centre around the achievements of white men.

To get to the life source of white supremacy, we need to fundamentally change every aspect of society that’s been built to put PoC down. We need prison reform and education reform. We need to dismantle the class system and rewrite our Hollywood movies. We’re in desperate need more black Presidents and MPs and Prime Ministers and head teachers and CEOs. We need a total overhaul of the police force. In short, we need a hell of a lot more work.

So yes. Impeach Trump, America. For the love of God impeach him (and then Mike Pence and Paul Ryan and whoever the fuck else takes over until the next election). But don’t think that’s where the fight ends.

Impeaching Trump will win us this battle, but it won’t win us the war.

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