February Goals Roundup

February Goals Roundup

Well, here we are. It’s the end of February and the dawn of a new month. We’re just 31 days from being a quarter of the way through 2017.

You may remember that at the start of the month I set myself three goals – my February goals. So today I thought I’d share with you how they went. Cos that’s how these monthly goals posts work, right?

February was very much a month of two halves. The first half of the month I literally made no effort to meet my goals. But then I went to Berlin half way through my month, and I came back feeling more refreshed and motivated than ever. Turns out a week off from work is good for you!

Get out of the office

One of my main goals for the month was to make sure I get out of the office during my lunch break, instead of just sitting at my desk.

For the first couple of weeks, I think I only went out at lunch time twice – when I went out to eat with my colleagues. However, once I got back from Berlin and the weather improved, I started wanting to go outside, and began dedicating most of my hour lunch break to walking around Leeds.

This was partly because of the weather, but also partly because I bought a Fitbit with some of my birthday money, and I like the satisfaction of meeting my step goal. Plus it buzzes if I don’t move enough.

This is definitely something I’m determined to continue – especially as the weather starts to get even nicer. My mental health improves dramatically when I go for walks outside, and my body will thank me for not just sitting at my desk all day every day.

Look after my skin

I didn’t really make a conscious effort with this one. I didn’t buy any new skincare products or develop a proper routine like all the beauty gurus.

I did, however, make sure I took off my makeup every night. Even the night of my birthday when I was busy vomitting up the copious amounts of cocktails I had drunk. Well done me.

Read new blogs

I mean, given I wrote an entire post this month about why I don’t really like the blogging community, I think this one is pretty self explanatory…

What were your goals for the month? Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

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