Bloggers I love

Bloggers I love

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day for telling people how much you love them. Whilst traditionally Valentine’s Day focuses on romantic love between partners, I thought it’d be nice to share some extra love today as well.

So today I’m going to share with you three bloggers I love. You might already follow them, you might not. Either way, I thought it’d be nice to share the love!

Emma of Bluchickenninja

Emma, of, was one of the first ever bloggers I started following. I found her blog through the WordPress tags (#oldschool), and have been reading everything she writes ever since.

Emma blogs about a range of things, but focuses mainly on books and design (she’s an avid reader and also a graphic design student). Although I’m not in the least bit artistic, Emma’s posts about graphic design, projects she’s done at college, and even how she sets up her Bullet Journal are some of my favourite posts in the world.

If you like reading and art, you should definitely check her out!

Bianca of Bianca Bass

I’ve only recently started reading Bianca’s blog, but boy oh boy am I glad I have. Bianca’s blog is the perfect place to go if you’re feeling unmotivated or directionless with your career.

Some of my favourite posts on Bianca’s blogs are her interviews and guest posts with professional women. I love reading about other women’s successes, and how they got where they are today, and Bianca’s blog is the perfect place to do that!

Lucy of Lightly We Go

If you’re a student, you definitely need to check out Lucy’s blog, Lightly We Go.

Lucy’s blog is a hub of student advice, candid chats about mental health, and personal thoughts. Although I’m no longer a student, I love reading Lucy’s insights into student life, and know that had I been reading her blog while I was at university, I would have benefitted a lot from it.

Well, there you have it. Those are just three bloggers I love! Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to find some new blogs to read!

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