3 newsletters you should subscribe to immediately

3 newsletters you should subscribe to immediately

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, not on the internet), you’ll know that newsletters are de rigueur at the moment. Writers everywhere are cultivating small and intimate subscriber lists and sending out weekly (or fortnightly) insights into their life. Usually comprising of a personal essay or update, and then a list of interesting links from around the internet, newsletters are a space for writers to be more raw, more honest, and less polished than elsewhere on the internet.

And I am utterly obsessed.

I’m subscribed to a fair few newsletters, so today I thought I’d share with your 3 of my favourites that you absolutely should subscribe to immediately.

Shelflife – Iain Broome

Iain is an author and copywriter, and his newsletter, Shelflife, is perfect for other writers and readers and lovers of books.

Every fortnight, Shelflife appears in my inbox, filled with links to all the best articles on writing, creativity, and publishing. Sometimes Iain includes little snippets of his life and writing too, to retain the personal aspect that newsletters thrive on.

Perfect for: anyone who wants to learn more about the art of writing.

Sign up here.

That’s What She Said – Anne T. Donnahue

I’m just gonna come right out and say it – Anne T. Donnahue’s newsletter is the highlight of my week. It simultaneously manages to make me laugh, cry, want to achieve ALL OF THE THINGS, and take care of myself.

Anne’s newsletters are mostly a personal essay, but she writes so informally and so freely that  honestly it just feels like having a chat with a friend. A friend who is probably overcaffeinated and a little frazzled. Her writing is filled with advice for young people and writers and anyone who’s feeling a little bit lost with life.

Perfect for: anyone who needs a laugh and some honest advice.

Sign up here.

Mythical Millennial – Brenda Wong

Okay so Brenda is one of my ultimate Twitter baes, so I couldn’t not include her fabulous newsletter on this list.

Mythical Millennial is a fortnightly newsletter about (you guessed it) all things millennial – from pop culture to millennial marketing trends. It includes an essay from Brenda, the most important pop culture links around, and some dreamy indie pop tunes for the office. What could be better?

Perfect for: millennials, or anyone desperately trying to understand millennials.

Sign up here.

Are you subscribed to any newsletters? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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